Property Survey and Real Estate Law

Although not all lenders require that the purchaser obtain - and pay for - a property survey or real estate survey, it is definitely recommended that every purchaser authorize the settlement provider to obtain a property/real estate survey detailing property lines. It should be noted that the typical property survey that is provided at a settlement only shows the location of the house on the lot. A real estate survey cost can easily be recouped during the property appraisal process by homeowners.

While the title insurance industry will generally not accept a title claim based solely on the property survey itself, the survey will assist the purchaser in determining whether fences, trees or other such objects are properly located within the property being conveyed.

Other concerns:

  • Encroachment
  • Flood zones
  • Elevation

A survey gives every homeowner a clear border line to know exactly what they do or do not own. If your property line is crossed, then an encroachment has transpired, or you have any real estate law or real estate boundary questions, contact a Real Estate Lawyer to help you resolve disputed claims.


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A real estate attorney can give a legal advice to assist you in your property survey matters.

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