What is a quiet deed in the state of Alabama?


What is a quiet deed in the state of Alabama?


A quiet deed, more commonly known as a quiet title, is a lawsuit filed within the court that helps to settle jurisdiction over property. In Alabama, a lawsuit may be brought to the court, only if the court that has jurisdiction over that land, by one party in order to solve real property disputes. In short, the lawsuit requests that the court establishes the person's title to the property to that person and against anyone else bringing claims against it.

Alabama Laws

In a quiet title lawsuit in Alabama, the action can help to remove any type of cloud that is on the title, usually due to situations in which the title's ownership is not well established or is unknown. In Alabama, once you file this lawsuit and the judge approves it, you will receive the title to ownership of the property. This quiets all other people that may challenge the title in the future.

It is important to note that in Alabama, a person can claim ownership of property within 10 years if the predecessor has the deed and listed that land for 10 years for taxation. In addition, 20 years of possession of the property by another person without claim of the other owner means that the property is no longer owned by the property owner, but instead by the claimant.

In all situations, it is a good idea to discuss your options with your attorney. Protecting your legal right in property is critical.