What do I need to place a lien against someones property?


What do I need to place a lien against someones property?


Placing a lien against property is one way individuals can collect on an unpaid debt. Although, it make take some time to recovery the unpaid debt. However, the good part of a lien is that it can prevent property owners from selling their buildings or homes until the money is paid. However, placing a lien against property can take a large amount of leg work and time in court. For instance, people must obtain a judgment from their local courthouse first. This means suing the property owner who owes the money or unpaid debt. This may require a court appearance if the property owner answers the complaint.

If successful, people need a certified copy of the judgment. To obtain the certified copy, they must go back to their county clerk’s office and request one. Depending on the timeframe of when they obtained the judgment, it may take a week or so. For instance, if individuals just obtained the judgment, they may have to wait until the judgment is entered into the courthouse’s record.

Individuals must file the certified copy at the county land records department. This has to be the county where the property owner lives. Before attempting to place a lien on anyone’s property, it’s important to hire a lawyer. Placing a lien on property can be extremely complicated depending on the requirements. Thus, a lawyer can help you obtain a lien against someone’s property.