Wyoming Lien Laws

In the state of Wyoming, lien laws exist to protect the rights of workers, laborers, materials suppliers, and contractors in the event of non-payment for services and materials rendered.  Lien laws provide contractors and suppliers leverage in ensuring payment for work in the state of Wyoming, however, these laws require much forward action before actually enforcing claims on liens.  Adhering to these preliminary notice and other notice periods is essential to ensuring your legal right to make claims on liens and enforce these claims.

Primary Contractors in Wyoming

In commercial projects in the state of Wyoming, primary contractors are not legally obligated to provide notice, however, a notice of intent to claim lien must be offered to owner of project no less than ten (10) days prior to actually filing lien.  Primary contractors are legally obligated to file lien claims within one hundred and twenty (120) days of last date of work performed on contract.  Any action to foreclose on claim of lien requires suit being brought no more than one hundred and eighty (180) days following the date of the filing of the lien statement.

Sub Contractors in Wyoming

Sub contractors in the state of Wyoming have to provide notice to primary contractor of intent to lien no later than sixty (60) days of first work on project if project value is more than $50,000.  Otherwise, actions to make claim on liens are similar to those of primary contractors in Wyoming, except for the timeline for filing lien claims for sub contractors only allots ninety (90) days and not the one hundred and twenty (120) days allotted for prime contractors.  The following key elements of claims on liens by sub contractors in Wyoming, include:

  • File notice of intent to file claim on lien no less than ten (10) days before actually doing so
  • File notice of claim of lien within ninety (90) days of last work on given project
  • Take action to foreclose on given property and lien claim within one hundred and eighty (180) days of lien filing

Materials Suppliers in Wyoming

Materials suppliers in the state of Wyoming adhere to the same schedule and process of preliminary notice and claims on liens as sub contractors in the state of Wyoming.


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