How does the process of transferring a deed on a house to someone else work? Do we need a lawyer?


Question: We are buying a house from a friend of ours. I don’t really know how to transfer a house deed and the whole house deed transfer process confuses me. Do I need a lawyer to transfer a house deed? What other things should I be worried about or think about in the house deed transfer process?

Response: Transferring a house deed is relatively simple. The persons selling the property must transfer or give the deed to you by putting the deed in your name. You and your neighbor then must record the deed transfer in your local county office. The major concern when dong a house deed transfer is the type of deed. Major types of deeds include a quitclaim deed and a warranty deed. A quitclaim deed is less secure, as it simply transfers any interest that the original owner has in the land. No warranties or guarantees are made regarding the fact that a 100% complete interest is being transferred. When doing a house deed transfer, you usually want a warranty deed instead- this is a deed in which the seller’s warranty that you are getting 100% unrestricted ownership of the new land. While you may not need a lawyer to transfer and record the deed, you may wish to have a lawyer before you arrange to transfer a house deed, as a lawyer can do a title search, look over all of your documents and otherwise protect your interests in the house deed transfer process.

Answered by Christy Rakoczy

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