2 Reasons to Write Commercial Property Listings Yourself

Do you own a commercial property or properties, and are you considering selling it or them yourself, without the help of a Realtor? Contrary to popular belief, it is possible, and maybe even beneficial, at least to start this process yourself. Here are two primary reasons to write commercial property listings yourself.

Why Write Commercial Property Listings

  1. Content–You can control the content of your listing if you have created it yourself. Specifically, when writing your listing,
    1. Be detailed: List all relevant info, including features, square footage, location details, etc.
    2. Be accurate: Stick to the facts so you draw people with only what you can deliver!
    3. Be open: Explain why you are listing the property, what you used it for, how successful the location was, etc.
  2. Pricing–When you write your commercial property listing, you hold the cards when it comes to pricing your property. It is a good idea to set reasonable pricing for your home, because listing it too high is a notoriously bad strategy. Overpricing sometimes means you spend more over time, and end up settling for even less than your property is worth. When writing your own property listing, set your price by:
    1. Comparing other local, similar properties that were recently sold, at least within the past six months. Look closely at how long the sold properties were on the market. Properties that were "correctly" priced will have sold in less time than those that may be overpriced.
    2. Examine what changes/amenities your property features that would amount to upgrades.
    3. Consider the timeframe for your sale. If you need to sell the property quickly, you should definitely plan to list it for as close as you hope to get.
    4. Check condition. The condition of your property is an important factor in pricing. If it requires repairs, ones that you cannot or will not make, price the property accordingly.

Marketing Plan

Once you have written your commercial property listing, you can decide if you want to utilize a realtor to assist you with marketing your listing. Again, if you choose not to use a realtor, you can still get your property noticed by developing a firm marketing strategy. Your plan should include:

  • For sale signs in front of your property
  • Print ads, which you need to word carefully and time well so as not to waste advertising money
  • Color brochures or sheets featuring photographs and vital information about your property and its amenities
  • Online ads

Legal Advice

If you want advice on protecting your interests as a commercial property owner, then you should consult with a qualified commercial real estate attorney. Your lawyer can help you to draft ads and leases that protect all of your legal rights.

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