Importance of Conducting a Land Survey For Commercial Property

Land survey should not be overlooked before buying a property. Land surveying is a scientific method of determining the 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional positions of various points, angles existing and the distance between them in a given property. This land survey is essential to establish boundaries and prepare a map for the given land. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, land survey plays a crucial role in deciding about the purchase.

Importance of Land Survey

Conducting a land survey will help us in taking the final decision of purchasing a commercial property as it gives a lot of information.

  • Type of Land - A land survey will give details about the type of land. If you are planning to rebuild or modify a commercial property, you should know about the land type as all land types may not be suitable for building commercial properties. For example, wetland or mountainous land may pose problems while constructing a high rise building.
  • Data from a Land Survey - With the help of a land survey, we can understand boundary limitations and other assets within the property site to be purchased. It gives not only the area of the land, but also an idea about other assets such as fences, building, trees, driveways, and sidewalks in a given commercial property. This can also give an idea about the sharing of a parapet wall with the neighboring property. Apart from these, it is essential to identify the encroachment of the property by others.

Conduct a Land Survey

Purchasing a commercial property is not child's play. So it becomes essential to conduct a land survey before you make the final decision of purchasing it. Various types of land surveys like boundary survey, construction survey, location survey, ALTA/ACSM surveys and more are there. Among these, ALTA survey is required for a commercial property to find out the compliance of the given property with the standards set by the ALTA/ACSM.

Getting Legal Help

Get the help of land surveyors to conduct accurate land surveying for the proposed commercial property. Then, you can approach a criminal lawyer in order to understand the legal aspects, litigation, ownerships issues and the building regulations of a proposed site. Legal advice of a lawyer will certainly help you to identify potential problems within the site to be purchased.

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