How to Write an Eviction Notice

An eviction notice is a letter stating when a tenant is to vacate a given premise and specifying the condition the premises are to be left in. Evictions may be carried out due to different reasons, but landlords need to adhere to specific procedures so that the eviction of a tenant may be considered lawful. It is important that the eviction notice should be done carefully. Before you draft an eviction notice, you must first research on eviction laws in the state and city where your rental premises are situated. If the notice is not done properly, if filed erroneously or lacks pertinent information, the eviction could be dismissed by the court and you will have to start all over again. Try to discern first whether you can legally evict your tenant. A lot of cities will only permit eviction if the tenant has defaulted on rent payments.

Accomplish an Eviction Notice

Accomplish your eviction notice in three copies. This will save you time from re-writing and photocopying your eviction notice. You must have identical copies of the three day notice that you post and the three day notice that you file with the court.

Fill Out Eviction Notice

Fill out your three-day notice with all data that is required legally. This information includes tenant's name, address of the rental premises including county and city, how much is owed by the tenant, when they last paid, the current date and a contact number where you may be reached. It may also include a description of the type of structure the rental unit is located in. Use a black pen since the notice will photocopied several times for court use.

Put Signature of Appropriate Signatory

Sign the three-day notice properly, and be sure you indicate your phone number. Whoever signs on the three-day notice needs to deliver the notice, and it also has to be the same person that will appear in court if the need arises for the tenant to be evicted. If you are the property manager and not the property owner, indicate this in places where you need to sign.

Serve the Eviction Notice

Go to the rental unit where the tenant resides. After knocking on the door, hand the notice directly to the tenant being evicted. If nobody answers the door, you may tape the notice to the front door in a very prominent and visible space.

Seek Legal Help

If the tenant has not responded in three days or if the tenant has not paid the rental default amount, take your copy of the three day notice to a lawyer to get you started in filing at your local courthouse for an eviction of the tenant. You will need to pay a court fee, after which you will be scheduled for a hearing.

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