Rental Eviction for Slow but Complete Payment

Rental eviction for slow, but complete payments is called unconditional quit notices, according to Nolo. The unconditional quit notices are 1 of 3 types of reasons for a rental eviction (the others include nonpayment and violating lease terms). When a landlord claims an unconditional quit notice, they are telling the local court that you have seriously damaged the property, conducted some illegal activity or repeatedly broke the rental agreement. Of course, the last reason is that you have been late paying rent 1 more times during your rental agreement. In other words, you have paid complete payments, but they have been slow. For instance, you may have repeatedly paid your current rent and a port of back rent to become caught up.

A Landlord Uses This Claim to Indicate There’s No Way to Remedy the Situation

When a landlord includes this claim in the eviction complaint it means that you will continuously break the terms of the rental agreement. For instance, if your rental agreement outlines that payments are due at the first of every month, but you pay throughout the month, you’re breaking the agreement. Thus, the notice claims that there is no way you’ll either catch up on rent or make payments according to the lease.

The Termination of the Your Rental Agreement Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Have Options

A landlord may still agree to negotiate with you to avoid the rental eviction. However, the landlord is not required to negotiate with you. Also, the landlord may still proceed with the rental eviction during the negotiations. Thus, when you receive a rental eviction notice through the court, you should always write a response and file it with the court. This is the only way to ensure a judge will listen to your side. During the court hearing, both sides (you and your landlord) will be heard. The judge will make a ruling in your favor or in your landlord’s favor. If the judge finds for the landlord the eviction stands and you’ll have a specific amount of time to leave.

Seek Immediate Legal Help with a Rental Eviction

Any time you receive a rental eviction from your landlord, contact a lawyer. Your lawyer will tell you what legal options you have to remedy the situation.  

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