Can I Sell Lottery Tickets to Sell my House?

Some who ask, how can I sell my house wonder about the benefits of selling a home using lottery tickets. This method may be allowable, in some situations, but there are several key aspects to keep in mind throughout the process. For some individuals, this may be an ideal way to get out of a home they cannot afford or are having difficulty selling. The key is to know the rules for using a lottery to sell a home.

When Can I Sell My House With A Lottery?

Each state has different laws regarding lotteries, including those for homes. In many states, lotteries like this are considered gambling, which means that the individual running the lottery needs to have a license to do so. If and when an individual can produce a license for the process, or when the state does not require one, there are other factors to take into consideration as well.

First, consider how the process works. An individual cannot sell his or her home and therefore decides to place it up for a raffle or lottery. The home’s mortgage may be $100,000, for example, and the individual sells raffle tickets at $1000 each. The property owner only needs 100 people to make the raffle high enough in value to get out from under the mortgage loan. Individuals who pay $1000 for the raffle have the chance at winning the home, which means they could walk away with a significant prize.

However, there are several things to keep in mind when using a lottery like this:

  • A formal contract must be drawn up.
  • It is critical that the lottery be legally binding, which requires research on the terms and conditions of holding such a drawing.
  • The intentions of the drawing must be known.
  • It may be necessary to consider additional costs, such as title costs, repairs, etc.
  • Those who win the home through this process will need to pay taxes on the property, including property tax and IRS income tax since the IRS sees these lottery winnings as income.

Hosting a sale of a home does not mean that enough money will be raised. Individuals need to take into consideration the consequences of not earning enough money to pay off the mortgage.

Hire An Attorney

The best route to take to use this method to sell a home is contact a real estate attorney. The attorney can give information on the legality of this type of transaction as well as the overall rules and regulations that must be followed. 

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